Boudewijn Tarenskeen

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Oratorio. 1998
For 2 baritones, piano and double choir
Charles van Tassel, Romain Bischoff and Gerard Bouwhuis
Koor Nieuwe Muziek and Lorca Chamber Choir conducted by R. Nieuwint

Geistliche Lieder. ("Religious Songs") 1999 (Donemus)
For mixed choir, a cappella
Erasmus Chamber Choir conducted by Romain Bischoff

Psalm 60. 2004 (Donemus)
For solo tenor, interpreter and female choir
Cluster Voices conducted by R. Bischoff

The Song of Songs. 2007 (Donemus)
For mezzo soprano and piano

St. Matthew Passion. 2006 (Donemus)
For 19 singers.
Cappella Amsterdam. Director: Paul Koek

Luther. 2013 (Donemus)
Oratorio for solo baritone, actor, organ and mixed choir.
Text: Martin Luther and Gerardjan Rijnders
Michel Poels, Titus Muizelaar and Cappella Amsterdam
Director: Paul Koek